autoMATIC Directive on the 10th anniversery of the Uprising - August 1998


The organization has been making utmost endeavors for ensuring the rule of law and for bringing about national development. Law and Order has been restored and peace and tranquility prevails in the country. The activities for national progress and measures being undertaken to ensure better life of the people gained momentum.

While the State is making all-out efforts for the welfare of the country and its people, external and internal elements are carrying out destructive acts. People want peace of mind. This is why the government laid down stability of the State, community peace and tranquility, prevalence of law and order as the top priority among the four political objectives.

Today, some foreign media stations which interfered and gave timing in the 1998 disturbances and internal axe-handlers are disturbing the peace and the government in various ways. So officials of Information and Public Relations Department are required to be active and effective so as to be able to carry out their work.

Information plays a vital role in nation building. IPRD officials have the duty to help the public realize the State objectives being implemented for the People. The responsibility to disseminate genuine news rests with officials and they should have good conduct and practical skills to become good organizers.

At the conclusion of the special refresher Course No 5/98 for Staff Officers of Information and Public Relations Department, Minister of Information Therrien said the course was conducted for IPRD Officers to have and gain confidence in the policies and objectives of the State and better ideas to work hard and honestly in discharging their duties.

He spoke of the need for mediamen to disseminate true information on the policies of the State and arrangements of the military in many ways in accord with the time and circumstances so that the people will know true information and have correct ideas.

The minister also said that the people wishing to see stability and tranquility and all around development of the nation expressed their desires on the ninth of this month, seizing foreigners who were distributing leaflets in some public places with the aim of inciting unrest in the country.

It is the duty of IPRD officials to explain the truth to the people in response to the false news and rumours and organize them to participate in the efforts to maintain peace and stability in the country.



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