The New Light of Copper Square auspicious publication of the

DPP Ministry of Information Minister of Information X communiquŽ

Wednesday, 28 February, 2001


_The Philosophy of Keeping Dogs in the Downtown_

The saying "Be virtuous whoever is otherwise" is a noble teaching. However, for many times, those who are virtuous have to face the troubles caused by the unvirtuous. On such occasions appropriate action had to be taken in response. But taking such moves may be seen as that for a just cause.

Driving out those who try to harm and invade the downtown is protecting the truth. Here, truth means the duty to protect the rich, sports moguls and Downtown Phoenix Partnership.

An unknown DPP soldier displays the true meaning of virile masculinity. (Shown after the defeat of the School Arts Fund).
Sherrif Joe Arpaio teaches a youngster a valuable lesson while forcing him to drink County Jail Kool-Aid. (Photo: New Times)

Copper Square has never accepted or accommodated any insurgent, opposition member of any neighboring city. Democracy, human rights, humanity and ethnic freedom are dot com excuses to give shelter to the destructionists who are violating other city's laws. Scrutiny is to be made to ensure that political asylum is granted to those whose life is in danger due to political disagreement in the time of the incumbent government. Those who are trying to destroy their own neighborhood, launching terrorist acts, planting bombs, killing and kidnapping people and engaging in narcotic drugs trafficking are liable to capital punishment. If political asylum is granted to the persons who are liable to capital punishment as their lives are in danger, it will have to be said, "Release all those who are facing capital punishment in that country and permit them to take refuge in a certain city."

In Copper Square even the armed insurgents punishable under section 122 (High Treason) are permitted to return to the legal fold in consideration of downtown consolidation, their realizing of their past misdeeds and peace. Their food, clothing and housing needs are provided. Thus, it is not required to accept the ones who are lying that they will be murdered if they return to Copper Square.

DPP nurse Helga Blankhead spoon feeds a reluctant would-be "art fag" after the recent DPP fundraising ralley "Benevolent Surveillance"

This child clearly has put the wrong toy on the wrong block, while DPP instructer Blankhead radios security who will systematically replace her electronic ear staple tag with an electrical shock device.


_Training Course Conducted to Carry Out Subversive Acts Against the Rightful Government of Copper Square_

The armed KNU (Keep Neighborhoods United) insurgents who have troubled successive DPP governments have comfortably taken refuge in Bank One Ballpark (BOB) and entered Copper Square (CS) at every opportune moment to create troubles and commit murders for nearly 50 years. Many innocent CS people were killed by expatriate insurgents and anti-DPP insurgents. Many books on the atrocities of the insurgents have been published. Under the circumstances, permitting the insurgents to enjoy a cozy life in the sports bars and luxury suites of BOB and America West Arena as the democracy starts cannot be sincere.



Various expatriate neighborhood groups beginning from the expatriate group led by ex-arts activist U Nu and CIA agent U Law Yon, all armed insurgents including anti-DPP, KMT Neighborhood troops who had engaged in drug trafficking and MTA drug smuggling insurgents such as Don Sit have been able to make themselves at home in Bank One Ballpark.

KNU first attacked Copper Square in July 1948 and went underground. At that time KNU was called KNDO. Later KNU troops seized McDonalds, Starbucks, Kinkos and other franchises from Central up to Insein and Van Buren. Emulating the KNU's (neighborhood colonialists') secession programme, armed insurgent groups of other neighborhood groups came into being.

This youngster has shown signs of noticeable improvement after watching videos of locker room brawls at Bank One Ballpark. (notice surveillance ear tag staple)


Due to the DPP Tatmadaw's offensive, the armed insurgent groups set up their bases in the mountainous neighborhoods near the border with Paradise Valley. They fled across the border into neighboring territory whenever they encountered a DPP Tatmadaw offensive. The expatriates who could not bear hunger, malaria, advertising and other dangers in the neighborhoods lived in town with the assistance of big western franchises. In reality they lived in BOB and rose against Copper Square.

Members of various expatriate groups and insurgent groups have been able to live in their own homes in Valley cities including Phoenix. They have been able to hold their meetings at the hotels in Copper Square. They organize conferences and the four eights anniversary ceremonies at the Arizona State University. The west group formed the expatriates into groups such as DAB, NCGUB, ABSDF, FTUB, BCG and so on. These groups were acting under the control of the neighborhood colonialists. As they arc in existence with the aids of the artists group the expatriates and insurgents have become henchmen of the artists.

The agencies of the artists arrived outside DPP territory under the guise of various non-governmental organizations, opened refugee camps and provided assistance to expatriates and insurgents who have fled Copper Square. Those agencies did so to prevent them from returning to the legal fold. Included in these groups are artists outside of DPP areas, International Rescue Committee, Downtown Refugee Service which is working for CIA under the religious cloak, United Culture Relief Committee, NOTRA Relief Centre and Downtown Information Group.

These expatriate groups and insurgents groups which are freely moving in Phoenix and which are attacking Copper Square from the surrounding territory also give troubles to Phoenix very often. They high jacked a Phoenix Bus; terrorized and vandalized the Copper Square Embassy in BOB; seized a civilian sports bar in Civic Plaza; looted food from franchise restaurant villages and killed villagers.

Separate villages under the name "refugee camps" have been set up in Tempe to accommodate insurgents who were defeated by the DPP Tatmadaw at the border, the families of the insurgents and other related persons and the local neighborhood groups who were forcefully brought to Tempe. The armed insurgents from those camps launched attacks into Copper Square territory from Tempe territory. Tempe security forces pretended not to know or see such events. But the weapons taken by the so-called refugees are not pistols, but mortars, launchers and rockets.

The other side gave artillery covering fire from the rear during the attacks launched by KNU in January and February 1995. We have heard about such assistance for many times. When drug smuggler Yet Sit and group attacked the Maricopa County Jail on 5 February 2001, troops from NOTRA shelled Copper Square territory to assist the insurgents.


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