Large Studios:

Studio Chem-- an old ChemLab, complete with work areas and sinks, test tube racks, exhaust hoods, etc. Ideal for art workshops, papermaking, jewelry makers, electronic artists, methlab. Northern windows. Office and reception area. About 1000 s.f. We would prefer to find a tenant that would offer a coffeehouse/gallery in this area. $1000. available Jan. 1

Studio XLR-- (extra long room) a 46’ x 17’ room. Sinks, tables, excessive amounts of florescent light. No windows, although one could be cut into the West wall. Loft area above room could be enclosed as "lounge" area. Access through main gallery. This room could be shared by a few artists, but one would need to be responsible for the lease. $600 (Available March 1)

Studio DR--Around 25’ x 50’ - 5 rooms total, front door onto Madison Street, Northern windows, darkroom, high ceiling, small chemlab workroom (painting studio?), large work room, work sinks, area to build new bathroom. Loft storage area. Ideal for 2 artists or couple - painters, photographers, etc. This space would go well with Studio Chem for a coffeehouse/gallery. $900. (Available March 1)

Small Studios:


Studio A & B --Small Studios off of the main gallery, sink in B, drain in A, about 170/180 s.f. each. Ideal for Recording studio/Video editing suites, web designers, painters. $170 and $185. available now.

Studio M-- (Micro) Small room, 11’ x 12’, windows, adjacent to Studio XLR, small and cheap. $150. available now.

Studio W1 & W--Adjacent to entrance and bathroom, about 130 s.f. each, could be combined as one space, windows on north and west sides. $150 each. available now. *painters must pay for vent installation, about $200.

Studios or Music Rehearsal Rooms:

Studio M1-- 17’ x 17’ Large rehearsal space, easy loading, secure $325 (leased as of Dec.1)

Studio Acid--The Acid Room--around 20’ x 17’ with chemlab sink for Kool-Aid (wetbar?). The former acid test room. $350 (Leased as of Dec. 1)

Studio Fog--The former Fog Test room — 17’ x 10’ x 10’ high, cinder block construction. All M rooms access from main gallery. Available for rehearsal 24 hours a day if sound must be installed. We can design this for you. Space is available above ‘M’ rooms for a small additional rental fee. Build out as lounge, storage or chill room.

Additional Studios:

More studios are available at autoMATIC

More studios (up to 3000 s.f.) will be available in Spring 2001 in the building adjacent to CheMLAB. These studios are self-contained with bathrooms and independent access on Madison Street. Residential or retail is possible. #1 & 2 - 2000 s.f. studios, $1300. #3 - 1500 s.f., $1000#4 — 3000 s.f., $1750 - very large, 20’ high skylights# 5, 6, 7 & 8 — 500 s.f. $400 - very large, 20’ high skylights. Deposits are being taken now. Please call 602.258-8915

Finer details:

Studios are available for longterm lease. CheMLAB is not zoned for residential, but has 24 hour access, a raw kitchen area and eventually a shower, and besides, plenty of people are sleeping on the street around here as it is. Artists interested in this project should be hardcore, serious and able to deal with the surrounding environment. This is not Scottsdale. This is not Mill Avenue. This is Phoenix Culture at its finest — crackheads, the homeless, police, artists and Arizona’s mentally ill — an ideal cultural mix, all in one convenient location.

CheMLAB is 5 blocks from the ICEHOUSE and 1 block from autoMATIC (our other studio complex). The building is also a few blocks from the CASS homeless shelter and across the street from St. Vincent de Paul dining hall (FREE FOOD!). Our plan is to slowly seed artists into this area and transform the neighborhood into an arts/music district. The building is within the ART DeTOUR boundaries. Artists interested in Art Detour can list themselves separately or as a group.

AutoMATIC is our other project just south of CheMLAB which currently houses a few sculptors. It is a large project - about 35,000 s.f. of buildings on 100,000 s.f. of land. We are also looking for artists for this facility, primarily sculptors and artists that need large industrial space. We also have some smaller studios and rehearsal rooms available in this facility, as well as fully built out areas.

Please contact us with any questions.

David 602-258-8915 studio, 692-7666 cel - or email

We will have building plans and other info in a few days/weeks — please come back and take a look




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